Module IX • Hernia and Cancer in Bariatric Patients • Bariatric Channel • July 12 and 13, 2022


12th of July | Tuesday

Hernias and cancer in bariatric patients

4:45pm | Opening the Platform

5pm | Event Opening – Bruno Zilberstein (BRA)


President: Fábio Rodrigues (BRA)
Moderator: Alcides Branco (BRA)
Debaters: Cláudio Mottin (BRA) and Ozimo Gama (BRA)

5pm – 5:10pm | Obesity and cancer: unequivocal correlation?
Speaker: Italo Braghetto (CHL)

5:10pm – 5:20pm Pathophysiology of mitogenesis in obesity
Speaker: Anna Carolina Batista (BRA)

5:20pm – 5:30pm | When and how to carry out the oncological investigation in the preoperative routine of the bariatric patient?
Speaker: Daniel Navarini (BRA)

5:30pm- 5:40pm | H. pylori, gastric cancer and bariatric surgery
Speaker: Adriana Safatle-Ribeiro (BRA)

5:40pm- 6:10pm | DISCUSSION


President: Italo Braghetto (CHL)
Moderator: Bruno Zilberstein (BRA)
Debaters: Admar Concon Filho (BRA) and Antelmo Sasso Fin (BRA)

6:10pm – 6:20pm | Excluded stomach: protective factor or promoter of gastric cancer?
Speaker: Dilson Pereira (BRA)

6:20pm – 6:30pm | How to deal with GISTs in obese candidates for bariatric surgery?
Speaker: Elinton Adami Chaim (BRA)

6:30pm – 6:40pm | Treatment of post-RYGB periampullary tumors
Speaker: Alexandre Prado Resende (BRA)

6:40pm – 6:50pm | Can bariatric surgeries with intestinal bypasses affect the absorption of chemotherapy drugs? How to address this condition?
Speaker: Igor Correia Farias (BRA)

6:50pm - 7:20pm - DISCUSSION


President: Dyego Benevenuto (BRA)
Moderator: Heládio Feitosa (BRA)
Debaters: Hamilton França (BRA) and André Brandalise (BRA)

7:20pm – 7:28pm | Intraoperative hepatic nodule in bariatric surgery: how to approach?
Speaker: Anna Carolina Batista (BRA)

7:28pm – 7:36pm | Robotic pancreatoduodenectomy after RYGB
Speaker: Marcel Autran Machado (BRA)

7:36pm – 7:44pm – Endoscopic diagnosis of gastric cancer in the stomach excluded
Speaker: Adriana Safatle-Ribeiro (BRA)

7:44pm - 8:10pm - Discussion

8:10pm – Closing – Carlos Madalosso (BRA)

13th of July | Wednesday


4:45pm - Opening of the Platform - Institutional Videos

5pm – Event Opening – Sérgio Roll (BRA)

5pm – 5:50pm | Case presentation: What would you do?


President: Hamilton France (BRA)
Moderator: Sérgio Roll (BRA)
Debaters: Pedro Villagra (PER), Rui Ribeiro (PRT) and Maurício Azevedo (BRA)
Presentation: Pedro Henrique de Freitas do Amaral (BRA)
case 1
case 2
case 3

5:50pm - 6:30pm | SESSION II

Published articles we should know about – Are there guidelines (Hernia vs. Obesity)?

President: Carlos Domene (BRA)
Moderator: Leandro Totti Cavazzola (BRA)
Debaters: Diego Paim (BRA) and Luiz Vianna (BRA)
Presentation: Eduardo Rullo M Dias (BRA)

6:30pm - 7:40pm | SESSION III

President: Victor Dib (BRA)
Moderator: Wilson Rodrigues de Freitas Jr (BRA)
Debaters: Paula Volpe (BRA) Pablo Cingolani (ARG)

Approach to the morbidly obese patient with incisional hernia – where to start?
Speaker: Paulo Falcão (BRA)

Management of complex incisional hernias in obese patients – How to prepare it?
Speaker: Gustavo Soares (BRA)

What is the best approach to treat recurrence of mesh-treated incisional hernia in morbidly obese patients?
Speaker: Diego Camacho (USA)


7:40pm - 8:30pm | SESSION IV

President: Fábio Araújo (BRA)
Moderator: Miguel Nácul (BRA)
Debaters: Maurice Youssef Franciss (BRA) and Christiano Claus (PR)

Video I Diego Camacho (USA)
Video II Agustín Álvarez (CHL)Video III Leandro Totti Cavazzola (BRA)
Video III Leandro Totti Cavazzola (BRA)

8:20pm – Closing – Victor Dib (BRA)