Module IV • Sleeve I – Vertical Gastrectomy • February 15th and 16th, 2022

February 15th, 2022 | Tuesday

Session I

7:05pm | Gastric physiology after sleeve gastrectomy

Speaker: Caio Aquino (BRA)

7:20pm | Vertical gastrectomy in superobesity: the first step or the final procedure?

Speaker: Ramon Villallonga (ESP)

7:35pm | Is sleeve gastrectomy the procedure of choice for extreme ages?

Speaker: Omar Ghanem (EUA)

7:50pm | Discussion

President: Antônio Bispo (BRA)
Moderator: Bruno Zilberstein (BRA)
Debaters: Aluisio Stoll (BRA) | Attila Csendes (CHL) | Luis Poggi (PER)

Session II

8:30pm | Management of strangulation, torsion and stricture after sleeve gastrectomy

Speaker: Raul Rosenthal (EUA)

8:55pm | Vertical gastrectomy, gastric bypass and GERD

Speaker: Attila Csendes (CHL)

9:10pm | Does sleeve gastrectomy deserve the current spotlight? What are your long-term results?

Speaker: Mohit Bhandari (IND)

9:25pm | Discussion
Moderator: Victor Dib (BRA)
Debatedores: Manuel Aceves (MEX) | Pablo Omelanczuk (ARG) | Estuardo Behrens (GUA)

February 16th, 2022 | Wednesday

Session I

7:05pm | Is gastric tube dilation in sleeve gastrectomy inevitable? When and how to treat?

Speaker: Júlio Teixeira (EUA)

7:20pm | How to protect staple lines? What does the literature say?

Speaker: Alfons Pomp (EUA)

7:35pm | The impact of gastric antrum size on sleeve gastrectomy outcomes

Speaker: Rui Ribeiro (POR)

7:50pm | Discussion

President: Victor Dib (BRA)
Moderator: Luis Cláudio Chaves (BRA)
Debaters: Antonio Carlos Valezi (BRA) | Alcides Branco (BRA) | Carlos Madalosso (BRA)

Session II

8:30pm | Video presentation of bariatric surgeries:

  • Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy
    Speaker: Nilton Kawahara (BRA)
  • Robotic sleeve gastrectomy
    Speaker: André Teixeira (EUA)
  • Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy with cardioprotection
    Speaker: Sérgio Santoro (BRA)

9:30pm | Discussion

President: Adriano Picanço (BRA)
Moderator: Almino Ramos (BRA)
Debaters: Eudes Godoy (BRA) | Paulo Nassif (BRA) | Igor Marreiro (BRA)