Continuing Course of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery

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Obesity and metabolic syndrome represents epidemic diseases which affect the health of thousands of people worldwide. Its clinical treatment brings not lasting results, interfering in a negligible way in its evolution.

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The Bariatric Channel is an ongoing online course in bariatric and metabolic surgery, which will follow a comprehensive and progressive scientific program, covering basic and advanced topics in the area, contemplating professionals who wish to enter the specialty, as well as experienced surgeons who wish to improve it. that they already perform with excellence. Topics related to the activities of multidisciplinary support teams will also be addressed, understanding the importance of these professionals in the context of caring for obese patients and patients with metabolic syndrome. The live debates and dedicated videos will bring you the opportunity to know what the world’s leading experts do best, in dealing with bariatric / metabolic patients, and how they perform surgical techniques, demonstrating their tips and tricks.


National and international professors, recognized worldwide for their expertise in bariatric and metabolic surgery, will actively participate in the course and enrich its syllabus, which will be offered by high-level live debates, with invaluable and unmissable exchanges of experience. The Bariatric Channel brings together a team of experts rarely seen in continuing education activities, in bariatric and metabolic surgery.